BESPOKE Soy Scented Candle

BESPOKE Soy Scented Candle

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The label is blank so the whole message can be bespoke so get creative, make it your own!! Say thanks, congratulations, hello, send a hug, send love or anything else that's needed

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Each of our candles are handmade by us, in our Northamptonshire studio in small batches by blending natural, Vegan friendly Soy wax and the finest fragrance oils.

We have been making our candles this way since 2009 and are proud that we are able to provide this personal touch to each and every one of your orders.

You may choose from these beautiful scents:

Coconut Milk & Sea Salt:

Fresh Salt Water, Coconut & Soft Florals

Top Notes – Warm sweet coconut

Middle Notes – Salt Water

Bottom Notes – Soft Sea Kale & Thrift


Linen & Driftwood:

Fresh, ocean, salt water, rich amber, soft driftwood, warm vanilla, florals, bergamot, neroli

Top Notes – Salt water, Driftwood

Middle notes – Rich Amber, Warm vanilla

Base notes – Orange blossom, Bergamot


Mimosa Flower & Mandarin:

Mimosa, mandarin, tangerine, mixed berries, plum, fresh & fruity

Top notes – Mandarin, Mimosa

Middle notes- Tangerine

Bottom notes – Mixed berries, Plum


Pink Peonies & Blush Suede:

Peony, blush suede, floral, musky, red apple, gillyflower, rose

Top notes – Peony, Jasmine

Middle notes – Blush suede, Rose

Base notes - Red Apple, Gillyflower


Jar Dimensions: 8.5cm H x 6.5cm with burn time of approximately 40 hours

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